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Solar Water Heater Trouble Shooting

Problem Probable cause Remedies
No water in tap - No cold water supply Insure that cold water supply to storage tank is ok
valve at the outlet of system closed Put valve on
Air lock in the pipes Remove air from pipe or call plum ber/ installer
Water not heated at all, although cold water flow is normal Consump tion of hot water may be too high Check number of output taps and freque ncy of
Check shadow on collector
No flow of water through the Collector There might be choked tubes in collector due to scalling, get it cleaned from dealer/installer/manufacturer
Water is not hot enough or sufficient quantity of hot water is not available Cloudy wheather You may use electrical backup heater or gas heater for cloudy days
Consumption too high Control consumption
Frequent use of hot water Use hot water in morning time
Dust on collector Remove /or wash out dust from collector
Vapour lock in collector Remove vapours from system by contacting dealer/installer/manufacturer
Partial choking of collector Remove scale of collector by contacting  dealer/installer/manufacturer
There may be leakage in pipeline Get repaired pipeline


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Information provided by them is good and also they helped me to select the solar heater, I selected one with copper flatplate 150 ltr for my hom....

Pravin B.
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